#155659  by healthy_scratch
WeepingWillow an excellent lesson here with very clear tabs and explanations to follow along. I have been trying to work up on this solo here and there for the past year and I think your fine lesson here will help me get it at last ingrained in ears and fingers at last. For me this has been one of the solos that I have long wanted to get down or at least get pretty close to executing due to its understated yet chord concise arpeggiated eloquence. I have always loved how on the surface this appears to be a relatively simple Garcia solo note wise at least yet, the brilliance of his phrasing and ghosted notes make it deceptively more difficult to nail. Well at least that has been the case for me up until now.

Again, I greatly appreciate the efforts and quality of the lesson and thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge.


 #155674  by WeepingWillowGuitar
At the moment, you can get a pdf of the transcription by emailing me at weepingwillowguitar@gmail.com. I will find a good way of making these available for download in the future.

Healthy_Scratch -

I'm glad you found the lesson helpful. I totally agree with you. Out of all the "Touch of Grey" solos I've heard, I still think the one Jerry played on "In The Dark" is my favorite. Each phrase is so melodic and brilliantly executed, and not to mention, super efficient. And your absolutely right, it is very deceptively more difficult than appears on the surface which I think is evident due to the fact that every transcription I've seen of the solo is slightly different. That video lesson is my take on it, and I wish you all the best as it is very rewarding playing it with the recording.