#441  by jck_strw
A minor quibble--according to the tab listed here, the first verse is:

If you don't head back to Tennessee Jed.

Is this correct? It seems like it should be:

If you don't head back to Tennessee Jed.

I put the ___ to keep the formatting. Listening to the song, it seems like the chord change should happen at the beginning of Tenn. and the beginning of Jed.

Or are my ears fucked up?

 #443  by ebick
Your ears are not fucked up, the tab is. I'll make the change.

 #517  by phpbb
Just to let everyone know, I've placed the new version of the tab out on the site. Thanks everyone! :P
 #545  by captain_trip






On The 1st 2 bends, bend then when you are at the bottom of the bend hit the note again, then bring the string back into place. listen to the song and you will see..