#71538  by souperbass
can anybody tab out the bassline for Phils part at the end of the bridge?
 #71565  by Rusty the Scoob
I'm not a big tabber but I can probably help. Which part do you mean? There are a few different parts of the song that could be called the bridge, especially if you include the William Tell bit. Also if you have a favorite version that you're listening to, let me know so we're on the same page.
 #71596  by souperbass
Yeah I realized I wasnt being too specific after I posted. Thanx for replying. The part Im lookin for is off the Aoxomoxoa version where Phil is doubling Jerry's line right after the "Wrap the babe in scarlet colors, call it your own" . Ive tried lookin up the guitar part and transposing it for bass but somethings off. Any help would be appreciated.... http://www.myspace.com/soupmusic
 #71619  by Rusty the Scoob
He's not playing it down an exact octave, it's a harmony line, probably a 3rd or 6th. I'll sit down with it tonight and type something up to get you started.

If you have Live Dead, check that out as well... it's the Pigpen-era St. Stephen IMHO (although many prefer later 69 and 70 versions, I'm biased because I grew up listening to Live/Dead almost daily) and more representative of a typical live version. In particular you don't want to play it quite as cleanly as Phil does on Aoxomoxoa IMHO... live they were much more likely to hit the first 8 notes or so together and then all just sorta smear downwardish to the end of the phrase. :lol:
 #71657  by Rusty the Scoob
Per the website, the bass tab to Jerry's part is:



That's actually what I've been playing... always kinda wondered about that. :?

I'm pretty sure what Phil is doing is a similar lick but up 5 frets.



Sorry if my tab is crude, I don't use it much. Those 14s or A Naturals are noteworthy - they are not 15s or A#s, as they would be in an exact transposition of Jerry's lick.

I'm not sure I agree with the last few notes and the little climbdown on the D string and below, but those are also are the part that I think sounds most authentic to the live versions if you muddle them together. For your purposes you could probably throw in whatever little climbdown works for you... Deadhead ears aren't going to complain if you don't perfectly nail a part that's only on the studio version of a tune.

I gave your Shakedown a listen on Myspace... good stuff! You guys are a tight band and you personally have a ton of groove! Very cool, I could dance happily to that all night long. :cheers:
 #71667  by Tennessee Jedi
I checked out your Shakedown too .... I really liked it ....that's a cool idea to go to a drum thing/change at the end .... I would like to check out your St.Stephen if you guys do it !
I am also working on the Album Version too ... trying to figure out how to attempt it ....
I cant figure out which version I like best ....'77 's or old school ...... have to try the William Tell thing !
Pulling it together in band practice for us has always been a crap fest.
Cant find my LIVE/DEAD to check out ....
Good luck ....
 #71801  by souperbass
WAY COOL!!! many thanx my friend. Cant wait to pull it out at the next practice. And also thanx on the kind words about the band and right back atcha. Estimated Prophet is one of my all time favs and you guys just nail it. Thnx again and I just might have to hit you you up again in the future when I get stumped again....Peace