#91568  by JonnyBoy
finindg mistakes in the RUKIND tabs is not uncommon. They are usually honest human mistakes, but annoying for those in my band that needs "the exact" chord above the exact word. Different keys are usually relative to the era one uses to transpose the music. Great song, took the time to learn it myself. Thanks, JB
 #91584  by Adam Deckard
playingdead wrote:Furthur does it in the same key the Dead did. A lot of the online tabs are incorrect, because people want to try to play it with easier chords. Sack up and play the E flats :shock:

From memory without a guitar handy:

Intro is D sus 4 to D, then down to a C

Verse is E flat B flat F D minor
E flat B flat F
E flat B flat F D minor
F C B flat

Chorus 1 is Gm C A Dm B flat F Eflat
Gm C A Dm B flat F Eflat D sus 4 C

Chorus 2 is Gm C A Dm B flat F E flat
Cm A Dm Gm Bflat F E flat D sus 4 C
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