#32651  by b weird
Does anyone have any chords and the intro/riffs/solos? Thanks.

 #32657  by shakedown_04092
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Sittin' In Limbo

Sitting here in limbo, but I know it won't be long.
F                                            C
Sitting here in limbo, like a bird without a song.
Well they're putting up resistance,
      F            G                  C
But I know that my faith will lead me on.

Sitting here in limbo, waiting for the dice to roll.
Sitting here in limbo, got some time to search my soul.
Well they're putting up resistance
But I know that my faith will lead me on.

        F                    C
I don't know where life will lead me,
      F               C
But I know where I've been.
        F                  C
I can't say what life will show me,
      F              C
But I know what I've seen.
         Em               Am
Tried my hand at love and friendship,
        Em                 Am
But all that is passed and gone.
D                          G
 This little boy is moving on.

Sitting here in limbo waiting for the tide to flow.
Sitting here in limbo knowing that I have to go.
Well they're putting up resistance,
But I know that my faith will lead me on.

Solo over 2 verses


First 2 verses again

Riff after the C’s (during verse only)
E -----------------------------------------
B ---3^5--3--1----1---1h3--3^5--5--3--1----
G --------------2---2----------------------
D -----------------------------------------
A -----------------------------------------
E -----------------------------------------

Walk-up to F
E ---------1---
B ---------2---
G ---------3---
D -----0-2-3---
A ---3---------
E -------------

Walk-down to G
E ---------1---
B ---------0---
G ---------0---
D ---------0---
A ---3-2-0-2---
E ---------3---
There ya go

Oh yeah, here's a different ending I like to do, just adding an A note in there:
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E --------------------------------------------
B ---3^5--3--1----1---1h3--3^5----5---3---1---
G --------------2---2-----------2---2---2-----
D --------------------------------------------
A --------------------------------------------
E --------------------------------------------
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 #32658  by astroman99
The chords look good, except in the chorus the E is a Em.
great song!

 #32660  by shakedown_04092
Yep, you're right, my bad. Funny, I actually play an Em when playing the song, so don't know how that E slipped in there. :-?

 #32664  by astroman99
No problem, just don't try sliipin' any Augmented chords... :lol:

 #32670  by b weird
Thanks! :lol:

 #32686  by IamDocWatson
i like to doouble the 3/5 slide up...doing it on the D string at the same time...jerry does this stuff alot on his acoustic stuff.....
Code: Select all
E -------------
B ---3^5--3--1-
G -------------
D ---3^5--3--2-
A -------------
E -------------

 #32687  by IamDocWatson
apply that theory to different chords as you please...its just a little harmonic movement between 2 different chord voicings

 #32701  by ronster
This is how I see Jerry doing it


Bar the 5th fret with your ring finger and add some vibrato(bend) to all those 5th fret notes. Let the second 5 note ring out. The last 2 of the 5th fret notes are 1/8 notes and played softly while still wiggling the bar chord. I expect Santa to bring a web cam and this is first on my list along with a lead I have worked out.

Lead starts out like this