#164103  by fatztreeboy
 Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:15 am
Cold jan 4th morning in Northern Cally!!!!!!..... in honor of me just getting upgraded to Vince here is a link to Jerry's Bright Side Of The Road - Shining Star 11-9-91 utube vib.... for me it is one of thee top jerry vids of all time. period... the solo on shining star is super soulful....super super soulful.... 15:40 to about 16:40 in this is so cool..... i am a new here... just got my Vince upgrade ......love that developement.... woo hoooooo Vince... If u like shooting star as much as i do please have a listen and maybe suggest a tab? or anything to do w/ learning this song...... this 21 minute vid is number one in plays on my personal itunes chart..... i advise downloading a copy before the innernet breaks.... would it make sense to copy this solo note for note, w/ a tab, as a learning exercise? ....thanks
 #164127  by MikeMcA
 Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:27 pm
The chords he's soloing over are B and E. So B mixolydian/E major fits (as does B major/E lydian but I hear A not A#).

This is a very soulful, melodic take as you say so there's not as much chromaticism for your ear to sort through as is sometimes the case. He is staying pretty solidly in the mode and emphasizing the chord tones.

The camera is right on his hands, if you want to cop the solo note for note it shouldn't be too hard.

These are the same chords as the Sugaree jam so work this out all over the neck and it's like finding a dollar on the sidewalk.