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 #44988  by Billbbill
Hey dozin - looks cool, though I'm guessin that last 11 on the b should be a 10?

A friend I've been jammin with is doin the jerry end so I've been messin with this myself. You're probably right with all the double note octave stuff though I've been taking a fuller chord approach - only my ear - haven't made a study of this - This is probably NOT how Bob does it :-)



 #44989  by Dozin
thanks bill for noticing that. a typo error, it is a 10

 #44991  by b weird
Bill your intro looks and sounds more like Jerry's intro. As for Dozin's intro I couldn't get that to sound anything like Scarlet. But that must be Bobby's intro or near to it since J Darks has almost the same thing.

 #45002  by tigerstrat
b weird wrote:Bill your intro looks and sounds more like Jerry's intro.
Jerry's intro is strummed full barre chords.

 #45028  by pappypgh
I can't tab shit...but SUPPOSEDLY the guy that did theCAUSE's Dark Star video and the other videos he posted, is putting up the Scarlet Begonias > Jump For Joy that we did, pretty soon. When we do Scarlet, since we're a quartet, I start w/ the Jerry intro, then let the keys take over the chords and I start the Bobby riff. I haven't seen JDarks' vid, but everything else he does is 99.99999% dead on, so I'm sure it's right. I'm also sure I play Bobby's part about 99% right, as well....so if you wanna - check out this site : http://www.observer-reporter.com/OR/Multimedia/Videos#

and keep checking for Scarlet > J4J to be added.

You have to scroll down to MUSIC: theCAUSE and you'll see the vids of us.