#8689  by hesgone95
HOWEYMAN wrote:Is there a way to copy these video files for guitar instructions? My computer at home is just a dial up and I can't stream. If I could download them to my hard drive I could play them without having to get on line and waiting for the stream, which is basically slowwwwwwwwwwww. Thanks
I was just about to post the same question. I'd like to dl them and burn them to dvd, b/c I don't have a computer here in Mexico and I'm not going to bring my guitar into a cafe to practice. possible?

 #8691  by amyjared
I will have to think twice about buying that GD instructional DVD if it doesn't even have tabs since I can never figure out where the hell someone is placing their fingers
Please don't let the lack of tab dissuade you. I, too, am much better with the tab, but the dvd is very good in that he really takes time and shows the riffs nice and slowed down. The guy I play with and I actually learned Casey Jones from the video and when we play it with the band, it sounds great (for a bunch of lame hacks!) With a DVD, you can pause and it's a perfect picture and you can slow it down to 1/32 time if you need to. I gave a copy to JckStraw and he can attest that it's worth getting!

PS. Maybe when all the video's are up on this site, they can burn a dvd and sell it through this site for those who have trouble with the computer download. Just an idea!
 #12312  by weedar
Would it be possible to write a tab on the page with the
Jerry intro for Scarlet Begonias?

I hear you talking, I just can't see exactly what's going on
so a tab to the right of the video would be great!

 #12328  by ebick
You mean the chords?

 #12329  by weedar
Well, yeah..But tab it out, because I have a sneaking suspicion
you're not playing them in the shape I'm used to.

If it's not too much trouble. :-)

 #12333  by ebick
I'm just playing a B in the F shape, followed by an E in the A shape, followed by B then A in the F shape.

Perhaps it is the way I am emphasizing certain strings?

 #12337  by BlobWeird
Yeah with that intro i like to hit root then higher notes root then higher notes and use a little bit of upward strumming.

 #12342  by bodiddley
Sorry for sounding ignorant, But what is an F shape? I know all the shapes of the CAGED system...don't you mean a barred E shape? Like this.


 #12348  by ebick

 #27304  by JackORoses
hey im still sturggling getting the rhythm down for the jerry intro is there anyway I can slow the video down , or maybe a way for me to put it on repeat

 #27305  by JackORoses
lol the next time i watched the video I got it perfectly , but on other videos possibly is there a way too still does this
 #27308  by Tennessee Jedi
Hey get that vid.Yeah no tabs.But he takes it slow.Hes good.The Europe 72 China Cat.Really helped me nail the Bob Part.Its full of great insights into Bobs playing.How he frets some chords.And the Jerry solos are dead on for the Europe 72.The Shakedown is good also.Hes got a band(that you cant see)to help him w/the parts.Its real good.Some idiot on another thread said the guy was a schmuck,but hes DEAD wrong.Peace...

 #27310  by BlobWeird
That other guy might have been me. And I still think he is kinda a shmuck. Sure he's alright at guitar. Not great though. What I thought was lame about him was for the Touch Of Grey solo he plays the whole thing through then slows it down and explains it. But in explaining it he leaves out like 6 seconds of the damn solo lol. Now what good is it if im missing that chunk? Not worth a lick. So no im not DEAD wrong. He does Shakedown good though. Ill give him that. Most of the dvd after that is well EH

 #27319  by Scary Pete
Good Good! A lot of video instructions/tabs here I just don't think sound correct to me/I play hybrids of both parts! I suggest you guys contact a man named Jdarks and get him to contribute! It would be amazing!


 #27320  by Tennessee Jedi
Yo Blob- thats kind of you to "give him" Shakedown.The guy obviously has the Jerry and Bobs thing down cold.Hes cool enough to throw in the live Shakedown opening lick,when hes transcribing stuff off of albums.He might not be "great" as you say,but hes far from a hack.I ended up getting so many great things, from Bobs chord grips to useful insights into Jerrys sound.As for the Touch video;never watched it.Why dont you figure out the missing 6 seconds your self?To call him him a schmuck 'cause you dont think hes cool or something is dumb.His video is as good(better in my opinion )as any Ive seen here or else where on the net.The guys here are saints for what they do,and hats off to them.But hey. Hes a good teacher ,the sound aint crappy, and he knows his shit.Later.