#34654  by frankielee
Anyone know of any shows where there is a performance of Pig Pen doing Operator?

 #34660  by willmusic
They only played it live 4 times. The first was 8/18/70 at Fillmore West and I believe u can download it from archive.org. 1st set was acoustic and marks the debut of not only Operator, but also of Ripple, Brokedown Palace and Truckin. I've had this on tape for several years. It's a little crunchy but well worth the listen.

 #34661  by frankielee
Thanks...just found one from Fillmore East 9/18/70...Pretty nice...Curious as to why they did not keep it in the rotation

 #34669  by Chuckles
strumminsix wrote:Well this thread needs a link:
http://www.archive.org/details/gd70-08- ... sbeok.shnf

I seem to remember a shot of pig on acoustic for a tune a two - was this one of them?
Hard to hear on that recording, but I don't hear a third guitar.. and I think he only played on Katie Mae and Hey Jude that I know of, maybe a few others.

But check out that Attics in the second set! Achingly beautiful!!!
 #58499  by Rev_Roach
Time for CPR - press, press, press, DAMMIT DONT GO ITS NOT TIME!, press, press, --breath--, press, press, sputter, cough, cheers, bask in adoration and turn on the charm for the witnessing females

now that this thread is alive again =P

I think strum meant piano, as opposed to organ. not to project, just my two sense

i love operator, wish it stuck around a little more. maybe revived in a 1980 acoustic set or too. tho i guess its a tricky situation with a song by pig. covers aside, not many came back.
 #129525  by tigerstrat
breaking this song out tomorrow night with my Grateful Buds. The keyboardist has a wicked sounding harmonica patch!

BUT, I'm wondering why this "A7" is listed after the C, and then the "C" after the Dm? ...because I just don't hear those changes there.

I've also got a a more natural (for me) way to wrap up the intro, by switching from the 8th to the 5th fret position before the C, C#, D walk up... and then just stay there at 5th to start the verse comping.
 #139055  by gratefulDev
tigerstrat wrote: BUT, I'm wondering why this "A7" is listed after the C, and then the "C" after the Dm? ...because I just don't hear those changes there.
The A7 is a very sweet passing chord, blink and you'll miss it. But play it right and it sounds great. Listen closely to the version on American Beauty and you'll hear it. The C is there too.

An interesting side note - with the A7, all the notes in the chromatic series Ab, A, Bb, B, C, Db, and D can be heard somewhere in the song :)