#45335  by bucketorain
just wondering if anyone had the chords and changes for this song handy...i just found my cd "almost accoustic" yesterday and i just love this song for some reason.

thank you kindly

 #45338  by Crazy 9.5 Fingers
I've always played it Bm to C#m, not B to C#m. Don't think it sounds right as a major.

Great song though.

 #45339  by bucketorain
the whole B / Bm to C#m thing doesn't sound right at all...i played along with the disk and B or Bm is ok, but the c#m is off i think?

 #45343  by sack the wack
Would have to listen to the album but my guess is the C#m should work as it looks like the song is in E?, uh or whatever key it's in. The changes are pretty fast but sound good when you get them. I've always liked this one and I think those quick changes are what make it.

 #45344  by sack the wack
Duh, I forgot, click on Musical Sites to the left and there's a bunch of Garcia-Grisman stuff.

 #45353  by SpaceYrface43
E/A/D/A/E E/A/BMIN/C#MIN/DMAJ/EMAJ Thats the whole song not much to it. This is the way it was tabbed out on this site before the site up dated. Hope this helps. Solo is in e maj i believe pretty easy to figure out.

 #45354  by Tennessee Jedi
Its a cool tune for sure .
The lyrics are dark and crazy.
Wonder if there is some grain of truth or if its based on something that really happened ....
Fiddle pegs made of human bones .....

 #45358  by pappypgh
I made a fiddle bow with her long yellow hair....


 #45360  by sack the wack
Hey, you never know. All those old traditional songs got to come from somewhere. Some dudes were probably gigging in some old dark and dank castle on a dark and stormy night and the one head says to the other, "hey bro, look at those fiddle pegs, don't they look like....yeah, man, you're right, and wasn't his ex, blond or something? and he was paying a boatload of child support, do ya think? It coulda happened, right?

 #45361  by pappypgh
Oh I think there's LOTSA truth behind tunes like these!!!

 #50613  by vincentman
Hey I was playing around with these chords trying to match the sound with the groove and all that... I found that if you play a C-form C#m C-form D and E-form E you can get that nice walk up from that 2nd position Bm on the tonic notes... if someone wants me to write out a little tab to show you what I mean id be happy to do so...

Keep rockin

 #51238  by vincentman
Well I based my chord use on the may 7th 1992, show with David Grisman and those other rockin' dudes. I think there is just certain points in the song where Jerry uses C and G form chords instead of A form, which just gives it some interest and a little difference of tone threw out the song... something like that