#102350  by FractalEye
I'd like to play the Bass on Not Fade Away.
Can any of you help me figure out what to play?
I realize the basic chords are E A D, but what's Phil playing?
 #102388  by JamminJommy
I might also suggest to use that flatted 7th sparingly. Generally is has a major and pentatonic feel. Phil keeps his part like a hybrid of a lead guitar part and a walking bass line, generally speaking. Just my thoughts.


 #102439  by Rusty the Scoob
Somewhere around here I wrote a big Phil maniphesto. Mixolydian is true, or you can think of it as a major pentatonic since really the 4th and 7th of the mixolydian scale should be used sparingly.

I made this video a while back for Iko Iko... it's similar enough that it should point you in the right direction.