#148470  by Billbbill
Aside from my main gig with Stella Blue's Band and then my JGB thing, Finders Keepers, I've been stretching out a bit sitting in with other projects from time to time here in the NYC tri state area. One is more Jersey based (I drive 2 hrs each way for it so you know I love it!) with Waynard Scheller and Rainbow Full Of Sound. An ever changing ensemble project where he brings in different players and I'm honored that he considered me to be of the caliber that would be someone he'd have join him. This clip has me, Wayne on keys (Jam Stampede and has been a part of a zillion projects with some high end players) Paul Avrutin on bass (Dead On Live), Terry (friend of Waynes) on rhythm and Josh Kates on drums (Reflections Band and has played with a ton of high end peeps). This was in Brick NJ about a month ago - recorded with this tiny thing - I've been meaning to find out what the hell it was - wasn't a phone - that got such great sound I thought Wayne had spliced board audio to the vid - until it pans and then I can hear the difference. Hope you like!

 #148869  by DHM
wow...nice to see players cook like that...that's one of those tunes that's pretty easy to play..but difficult to do justice to...and you guys did justice to it...

 #149163  by Billbbill
Thanks Don!

So flyingheelhook - looks like it's a Cisco, so guessing it was a Flip. Seems Cisco does a ton of surveillance cameras and the Flip - I dunno if they have others.