#2428  by ace
I'm looking for a download of "tangled up in blue" from Jerry Garcia Band. You would think that this wouldn't be hard to search out, but I'm hit'n blanks over here. Any suggestions?

 #2429  by ebick
Hey Gregg......I think we're going to need a web page to link to that says something like this:

Do to recent events raising questions as to the legality of posting lyrics and tabs, this site now only posts documents for which it has received permission from the publisher; namely, any songs written by members of the Grateful Dead. Additionally, any traditional songs now listed as public domain.

In short, no more cover tunes.

 #2432  by strumminsix
You are gonna have to find one and DL it using BT (bit torrent).

Recently, I gave a few links to point someone in the right direction on this topic. Do a search and you'll be able to find it.

Come to think about it, it may be in the "Archive" thread.