#1087  by phpbb
pardon me for my novice question...

I downloaded this 12-30-86 "My brother Esau" that has incredible jerry licks interlaced throughout the song.

I've been able to work out ed's main riff, but in this particular song, I'd love to hear the ending tabbed out.

Here's the url to download an mp3:

This is a 9 meg song, song download at will. If you need a cable modem, check out a piece of my dayjob at http://cpss.go2broadband.com

The particular rambling that I am interested in starts around the time Bob Starts singing: "Some time at night I think I understand"

On my Winamp skin, the timestamp is 3:59:00

Thanks for any help,

Gregg :shock:

 #10090  by caspersvapors
I also love that riff Jerry does throughout the ending, anyone know it?

 #10091  by Billbbill
That link isn't working for me Gregg

 #10100  by bodiddley
That show has one of my all time favorite "Stella Blues". Check it out.

 #10121  by Billbbill
This is over the G Bm Em A C progression, is it not?

If so here's what I hear but it's a little bit of a fill in the blanks thing for me. Hard to hear.



A lot of pull ups and/or hammers and picking out notes of the chords over the first 4, then some lick work over the C before working back to the G.

A lot of fun, messing with this it is. A bunch of different ways to experiment.

Hope this helps. (also hope it's the right part)

I can't vouch for position although I'm messin around with this with my backpacker.