#17098  by smile_smile_smile
i have to agree, the spectrum 72 is one of my favs, bobby's guitar work is crazy, very jazzy, and keith's piano solo is truly wonderful, at one point he goes from the grand to some wah effect on his piano and does this solo that gets me everytime(stop and dance where ever i happen to be, mostly while driving I most look like a freakin crazy)....but truly a great, as for 8/27/73 another fav. the jam is tremendous, but billy is what i think the highlight is

 #17100  by smile_smile_smile
oh yea and the GSET after bird song on 8/27/72 is fuckin kickin' great version

 #17108  by gratephulphish123
jerry doin a very jazzy solo, brent layin down some jazz key effects, really impressive stuff, where'd jerry learn jazz from
 #105264  by fizzix
My favorite has to be 4/29/71, this song was written as a eulogy for Janis Joplin and the 4/29 version will bring tears to your eyes! Jerry and Phil swap off leads until they set her spirit free with... well just listen to it. It is a pity they stopped playing it in the fall of '73 and didn't bring it back until 1980 as an acoustic song. Would have loved to hear a '74 or '77 version of this song!
 #132525  by tommybo
my favorites are: veneta,oregon (8-27-73) where bobby plays a harmony line to jerrys and "without a net"- love both jerry and bobbys guitar work on this song and jerry plays a nice flute lead!
 #171798  by FromWichita
Greek Theater 7-15-84 Jerry lays out some tasty licks and then the jam turns into a cacophony of Bob and Jerry playing chords in a call/response kind of way.

Oakland Coliseum 12-31-87 (Ticket to New Year's DVD) There's a part in the jam where Jerry starts a wonderful motif which evolves into a unique jam, with Bob framing the chordal structure and it's magical. The memorable clips from the DVD in this jam are of Bob while he's settling into the unique jam he had set up, Mickey near the absolute peak of the jam and Jerry peering over at what Bob's doing/where he is on the fretboard, then Jerry making movements toward the microphone to return to the chorus. They were "coming in hot"!

Without a Net double CD (Spring 1990) Could be the best version I've ever heard.

Et lux in tenebris lucet.
"And the light shineth in the darkness."