#2834  by qiuniu
What the fudge? :(

I clicked and I got this "Thanks for visiting rukind.com. Sorry the page you are looknig for is not here."

Anyone know what's up with this?

Just wondering...
 #4636  by tdibell
I'm wondering what's up with that too!! I used to be able to get every single song The Dead performed here. Hell, that's why I started coming here in the first place! Now, all of a sudden, You can't find songs here! What, do we have to go elsewhere, find the song, and bring it back here? I mean, it used to be here. What happened? Gregg?? Can you tell us???

 #4637  by jck_strw
We need a FAQ.

 #4639  by phpbb
I will add in a FAQ so that things will be more clear, but please be patient, I am working on things.