#16212  by nicolasalk
for me the best i've listened is 04/16/78

but i suppose there are better

 #16218  by bodiddley
4-6-87 really whips things up quite nicely. Another late day version I really love is 3-16-94.

 #16232  by tigerstrat
I'm gonna have to go with 10/20/84 Syracuse Carrier Dome, which is just insanely jammed out. Rock n Roll!!!

and 12/28/88, maybe partly because I was there... in general I prefer the "newer" ones with the crisply defined descending lick intro to the older ones that begin more amorphously, sounding almost like LLR.

 #16262  by BayAreaBB
8-22-93 Autzen : the debut of BOLT guitar; long jam by Jerry as it appears Bobby has something wrong with his guitar.

9-19-90 MSG : great quality on archive to stream; massive energy with Phil very present in the mix.

 #16265  by caspersvapors

 #16266  by bodiddley
Cornell 5-8-77 has a very nice one also.

 #16270  by grateful4booze
It probably isn't the best, but I was just listening to a show from Cincinnati 10/30/70 that has a great early rocking version.

 #16274  by BlobWeird
Really im fine with most Jack Straws ive heard which is probably around 50-60 of em. One of my all time favs is the one from Go To Nassau. Jgar tears it up in that one.

 #17904  by Stagger Lee
To me a great jack straw is based upon jam intensity

11-21-78(wish i had a crisp version)

Love it when Jerry lifts off into take off mode :-)

 #17905  by kevo
Wayyyyy too many to name. It also depends on what kind of mood I'm in and if I want to hear an early pre-hiatus version or an extremely raunchy and crunchy later version.

I also agree with you stagger, the intensity of the jam says it all. Sometimes it's like a rocket that never quite takes off, other times it's like the rocket is flat out unstoppable.

Has anyone else noticed that alot of non-deadheads really like Jack Straw or is that just me?

EDIT: here's a link to an extremely nice JS jam that caspersvapors posted in another thread http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBjVZJfP ... ed&search=

 #17913  by BlobWeird
tigerstrat wrote:I'm gonna have to go with 10/20/84 Syracuse Carrier Dome, which is just insanely jammed out. Rock n Roll!!!
Just listened to this one. Veryyy smokin! Also a great Bird Song and Shakedown there as well
 #25727  by kenneybonz
only one rises to that title...the glen falls ny show, i think 82... awesome sound quality too.. but in adition to making it an awesome version you get a fumble tounged bobby saying something like an apology for the show starting late because " certain members of the rythym section couldn't make it here on time.." that jack straw is my vote for the all time best...
http://www.archive.org/details/gd82-04- ... sbeok.shnf
and what cracked me up the most was all of the posts on there agreeing that this is it for best jack straw.. toooooo funny ,, and i thought i was a lone wolfe... :smile: :smile: :smile: