#11766  by d-v-s
I'm just starting with this song, and I'm having trouble getting the E7sus4 to E7 transition to sound like anything useful. Same problem with the F7sus4 to F7.

I've tried a few different positions for each chord, and I still don't like what I'm getting. Any tips on how I can play this transition to emphasize the chord change?

What position do you play these chords on? fingering?

note - I'm interested in the rhythm only, not lead. i.e. WWBD - What Would Bobby Do?

 #11768  by Billbbill
I do what I show here.


2 frets up for the F#7sus4/F#7

Although if either, this is probably closer to the jerry end of the equation.

I happen to think all the usual positions work pretty well with this. Play the 7th where you feel comfortable and add the sus4. As for sounding 'right' mess around with some different inversions till you get what sounds good to you.

If I have this on vid I'll see what I can see.