#100367  by mgbills
This video (and the YouTube video's like it) have really been such a weird thing for me. In my opinion they're just awesome!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DT8usiZQ ... re=related

For years I was in the group diggin' on Bob for a) adjusting his rig all night, b) clack, clack, Jing and c) finding the most heinous note in Space, and beating it to death. To be give a bit of perspective, I've been seeing the band since 1981...and I have seen my share of flat to midland shows.

I started playing guitar about 6 years ago, and every time I see something like this it's a catharsis. Playing behind somebody as great as Jerry has given Bob a truly unique rhythm style. And I would now count him amongst the greats in his own right.

 #100374  by Octal
Sometimes when I watch this stripped down version I wonder if I'm supposed to imagine a lead part to go with it.

Another similar example: sometimes while listen to some songs that improvise over a motif, it begins to make sense if I try to hear the motif in my head while they are making their improvisations over it, even though no one in the band is playing that motif--but everyone in the band is playing off of it, consequently hearing it. I become a member of the band.