#78120  by dead keys
 Sat Apr 17, 2010 3:18 pm
checkin' in on what y'all mention about different parts for this tune, I'm hearing and agreeing with much, yet some things seem missing also.
I'm a piano player and trying to work out this stuff for a new group and before I present it to the members of this new band (who are also on the same page musically) I want to make sure I've got a handle on the music, also because I'm singing lead too.

Garbage on "chord sites" all seem to have this song in Em which is DEFINITELY not right

What I've discovered from listening:
Chords for verse (not in order just those used as foundation for vocal melody and guitar riffs)
Fm, Cm, Eb Maj, Bb Maj

Chords for Bridge
Fm/Bb (OR Bb7 in 3rd inv following the melody from the 5th), Bb Maj, Cm/Ab, Ab Maj7

These chords above are all diatonic to the key of F Minor, using 4 flats, Bb serving as a Major IV chord in the key, Cm also staying consistent to 4 flats diatonically (as opposed to The V being Dominant in the F Minor key). I've arrived at this from keying in to bass tones and movements that settle the upper extensions of the chords and grounding the melodic lines in the lyrics and guitar riffs.

For example: Fm6 and Dm chords were both mentioned for the "bridge" (poised for filght....). Both are "resolving chords" on the word "Flight" , and the Dm needs a b5 to work with the Fm6 to serve the same purpose, yet neither settle unless the Bb tone is used in support. As Bb is added in the bottom, the chords take on a different structure, as noted above. Also the same when the "bridge" wraps up- Cm sounds fine in the right hand, yet when the root of that chord is placed on the bottom, it does not sound strong, the Ab settles the tension.

Using the original studio recording and the live version from "Without A Net" I've played through a number of times just using bass notes in the left hand on the piano and when I add the chords to support the melodic movement, the chord structures above is what I've decided feel best in my opinion. I dont know if this is the "answer" or anything or if it's right, but it what Ive come up with so far.

I would like to hear from a bass player who can shed a little light on this as to what they are used to doing here, especially in the bridge

thanks for reading and following up with any comments, all is helpful. :smile: :smile: :smile:
 #78126  by Lunchbox16
 Sat Apr 17, 2010 5:03 pm
I can offer up what I play during the "Poised for flight part". It's all pretty much in Bb minor (or pentatonic? - Not a huge theory guy)

Excuse me if the timing isn't 100% accurate - listen to the Blues For Allah version and you'll get the idea.

--6----------------------------------- x3
q e e q triplet

--6-----------------------6----4------ back to Fm

The band I used to play in, one of the guys was a GD encyclopedia, and he made a point to tell me to play that Ab over, what I believe is the Fm before the standard riff that goes back into the verse part.

Someone else will have to tell you what to play over the "whip" as I just play the bass roots. That said, I'd be interested to get a few ideas as to how other bass players tackle the whip and the intro.