The Harder They Come

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Harder They Come, The

Live At Keystone


 Last Updated 04/10/96
G They tell me of a pie up in the sky, F Waiting for me when I die, G But between the day your born and when you die, F They never seem to hear even your cry Em But as sure as the sun will shine Am Gonna get my share of what's mine, G F And then the harder they come, the harder they'll fall, C One and all. G F The harder they come, the harder they'll fall, C One and all. Well, the oppressors are tryin' to keep me down, Tryin' to drive me under ground. They think that they have got the battle won, I say forgive them lord they know not what they done. But I'll keep on fightin' for the things I want Though I know that when your dead you can't But I'd rather be a free man in my grave Then livin' as a puppet or a slave


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