Mama Tried

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Mama Tried

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 Last Updated 03/22/96
D A7 D D G The first thing I remember knowin' D G Was a lonesome whistle a-blowin' D G A7 And the youngins dream of growin' up to ride D G On a freight train leavin' town, D G Not knowin' where I's bound D A7 D No-one could steer me right, but Mama tried When an only rebel child From a family meek and mild Mama seemed to know what lay in store Despite all my Sunday learnin', Toward the bad, I kept on turnin' Til Mama couldn't hold me any more D And I turned twenty-one in prison, C D Doin' life without parole Bm A No-one could steer me right, but Mama tried, Mama tried D Mama tried to raise me better, G D But her pleading I denied A7 D And that leaves only me to blame, cause Mama tried. Dear old daddy, rest his soul, Left my mom a heavy load, She tried so very hard to fill his shoes. Workin' hours without rest, She wanted me to have the best. She tried to raise me right, but I refused.


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This is kind of a mongrol intro; you won't find it exactly like this anywhere. The first few notes are the ones that shape it.



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