Don't Ease Me in

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Don't Ease Me In

Go To Heaven


 Last Updated 04/07/96

E  A   E   A    E

Don't ease, don't ease,
Don't ease me in.
          B   A     A\G#        A\F#
I've been all night long comin' home,
      B       E
Don't ease me in.

      E                                       B
I was standin' on the corner, talkin' to Miss Brown
I turned around sweet mama, she was way across town
       E                                           B
So I'm walkin' down the street with a dollar in my hand
I've been lookin' for a woman, sweet mama, ain't got no man.

The girl I love, she's sweet and true,
And the dress she wears, sweet mama, it's pink and blue,
She brings me coffee, she brings me tea,
She brings me 'bout every damm thing but the jailhouse keys.

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