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 #146566  by Jon S.
 Sat May 09, 2015 8:25 am
Tomorrow when I have some time. Nothing wrong, really, with the Tornados - they're very good sounding speakers - but you know how it is. :smile: Will report back afterwards. And if anyone else is using one or both of these speakers now, by all means chime in, too. Oh, and it's a TRM Jerry 2X10, all pine.



 #146588  by TeeJay
 Sun May 10, 2015 8:46 am
Jon- I converted a modded Blues Junior with a 10" baffle because the 12" JBL K120 was beating the amp to death causing rattles/buzzing. That BJ cab is just too small for a 12" especially a JBL. I threw a new Weber Neomag 10" in the BJ and sounded OK. Kinda harsh at times and spikey especially at lower volumes. Maybe it was due to only 15w hitting it. Thought I would give it some time and wailed on it for a couple of months. It did seem to get a little smoother after break in but it still had a very metallic flavor to it at lower volume clean. If I cranked it up or had the OD on it seemed to balance out. I imagine with your SMS/Carvin and a nice 212 cab it will be a whole new ball game.

Just for an experiment I got a JBL K110 from an old hifi system on ebay and put it in the BJ. What a beautiful sound. The JBL really did wonders. My dad use to say "you can't polish a turd". The JBL polished a BJ.
 #146591  by Jon S.
 Sun May 10, 2015 10:01 am
Hit a snag with the replacements. The NeoMags' cast frames are significantly larger and won't fit the current baffle. It will take a couple of weeks or longer to prepare a new baffle for the new speakers. I'll be back then!
 #146604  by Jon S.
 Mon May 11, 2015 3:38 am
aiq wrote:I have Californias in my 67 Vibrolux and Neomags in the CVR. Bright at first but after break in very smooth and clear with a tight bass.
Interesting. It would be fascinating to compare a brand new K110 to a new NeoMag, or a 40 yr. old broken in NeoMag to a current K110, but alas, some experiments can only be "thought experiments" (though they worked for Einstein).
 #147068  by Jon S.
 Mon Jun 08, 2015 5:41 am
Preliminary report on the NeoMags. And I'm sorry I don't have before and after clips (I'm not much of a self-recording dude). Mine have aluminum caps. The speakers are very clear - pristine even. At first, I thought they were defective because of buzzing I was getting on certain notes. I finally determined that most of what I'm hearing is originating not in the speaker or the cab but from my guitar strings and fretboard. I prefer low action and get some fret buzz then I dig in hard. The Jensens weren't audibly reproducing this buzz - the NeoMags do. I'll either raise my action in response or just get used to it. The NeoMags are also noticeably less efficient (i.e., less loud) than the Jensens. In fact, they seem way on the low end of the efficiency spectrum to me. This is intrinsically neither good nor bad, it depends on your rig. In my case, it's neutral - the Carvin DCM200L I'm using to drive the NeoMags as way extra clean power to spare. Fascinating the overall NeoMag tone. I'd describe the mids and highs as almost piezo-like. They remind me of Jerry's tone in his later years. Some may like this, others won't. I think these speakers could be well paired with an amplified acoustic guitars or acoustic-electric guitar.
 #147070  by Tennessee Jedi
 Mon Jun 08, 2015 7:16 am
Hi Jon !
Hope all is well
I ran a 2 x 12 cab w the Neos for a few years
Eventually I thought they were just too bright sounding w my guitar and moved on
" metallic " is a good way to describe them -almost acoustic like
Its good to experiment w speakers and find stuff that works and is inspiring .....
Its hard for me to get a good Jerry sound -dont know why- but when its goes bad its bad
too trebly too bright uggh
 #147073  by Jon S.
 Mon Jun 08, 2015 8:36 am
Metallic also works for me, though in a good way. I'm not finding mine too trebly per se (but that could be because my high end hearing is shot and you still have yours :oops: ).