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 #156641  by wisconsindead
 Fri May 19, 2017 7:48 am
I'm in the process of picking up some JBL K140's. I'm not entirely sure what to do for cab design. I plan on just doing 1x15 for now to keep things a bit more modular. I thought about going the Hard Truckers route but I wasn't all that convinced after talking to Glenn that that was the route, and the prices were pretty high. I'm considering LDS but I also wasn't that convinced after talking to Don about designing the cab, but the prices were much better. Any thoughts? Ultimately I am trying to replicate the sound of Phil's earlier cabs, while recognizing that there are probably some things worthy of improving with respect to the cabs they used back then.

 #156664  by pablomago
 Sat May 20, 2017 7:47 pm
Find or have someone reproduce a late '60's Sunn 2 x 15" (or 1 x 15") cab. That's what a lot of SF bands used for bass before Alembic/Hard Truckers started building cabs. (Phil, Jack Casady) I have some pictures if you're interested of how they're built, though I don't have actual plans. Shoot me an e-mail (pmhoneycutt AT gmail DOT com).
 #156665  by zambiland
 Sat May 20, 2017 11:03 pm
I have a Sunn 200S and I-40 (half a 200S) and I'm not all that impressed with them. For my money, a Bag End II, if you can find one, is a much better bet. The 200S port is too big, making the low end very indistinct compared to the Bag End. Another Bag End option is this one, which I am very tempted by, despite its greater weight: ... er-cabinet

Or, have one made. You can do it cheaper than HT or LDS. It's a simple box. Here are my notes on dimensions from various sources:

Wall Of Sound;
30" wide
25 1/2 " deep
20" high

Alembic A-15
25 3/4 " wide
21 1/2 " deep

26" wide
22" deep

And then there is this from Rick Turner:

"When I worked up a lot of the Wall of Sound speaker cabinet dimensions, I used the cube root of 2 (1.25992105) as the multiplier to determine the ratio of depth to width to height of the cabinets. Take your smallest dimension and multiply it by that, then take that result and multiply it again by that constant. The idea (for better or worse...) was to spread any standing waves out equal distant from one another in the audio spectrum. There are other formulae that some folks use...Golden Mean, etc.
We also used heavy rug padding with horse hair in it to damp internal reflections.
We went with closed boxes because the transient response is better than with bass reflex designs, and the deep low end extension is better way down there, though they start rolling off a bit sooner than the bass reflex. But then when stacked in the tall array, that low end comes off better because it's better directed."

What's key is having a big enough box.
 #156866  by wisconsindead
 Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:11 am
Hey guys. I ended up forgetting about this post. I ordered a cab through Don at LDS. I have two K140's, I only ordered a cabinet for 1 of them. So we shall see how it sounds.