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 #158605  by wfrobinette
 Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:19 pm
So had the pleasure of seeing Melvin and JGB last night in Teaneck. There were less than 400 people there so got to move around quite a bit.

He was running all the Mu Fx( trip tron, octave and Phasor), an early boss delay DM2, and a solar flare.

Hes playing a scaled down Lieber tiger. All effects in a loop with no switcher evident. That runs to his earth drive > mc250 to a 2x12 cab with K120. Is tone was right on. I was able to get side stage behind him to hear exactly what was coming out of the JBLs. Freaking very smooth and only wish I could get that. Just the right dirt. The JBLs were moving quite a bit.

See clip of the solar flare in action at the end of Deal. ... line&mdf=1 I’m having issue with YouTube so will post that link once I get it working. Pm me with your cell and I’ll text this to you.

So spoke with him after the show. Very upfront and friendly. I really think if you hit him up on FB and got the show he’d sit a talk a while. I heard him tell a couple of older guys to message them to hang out before the show.

Running pretty standard sms settings at 12 noon for gain, cranked treble, mids at noon to 1 bass at 0 to a slight hit depending on room. Output nearly cranked and the 250 almost pegged. Says he spends a good 30 min or more dialing the ED, sms and solar flare into the venue. Says the solar flare can get quite fuzzy and you need to be careful with it but loves all of Brads stuff.

If you get the chance see these guys.