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 #159663  by lovetoboogie
 Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:34 pm
83' Mark IIC 60w 1×12" w/Reverb... Rare transitional early IIC on non-vactrol preamp board. Mesa has confirmed this chassis was a demo...

78' Mark IIA 100/60 Head w/Reverb, EQ, Original Boogie Road Case, Original Manual, Footswitch and Fetron... One of the first IIA's produced with early Teledyne channel switching relay.

89' Mark III Blue Stripe 1×12" Simul-Class w/Reverb & EQ... Absolutely superior tone from the often overlooked Mark III. Nails everything...clean or dirty.

All amps have been serviced by me and are gig and/or studio ready...

$1000/ea. plus actual shipping. I can get these to you anywhere on the planet...

PM me for any questions or additional info regarding particular amp.