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 #159106  by Kennay
 Wed Nov 29, 2017 5:37 pm
Don`t ever do business with this FUCKER. I sent him 800 bucks on April 28th 2014...3 1'2 years ago and gotten many promises from him. I`ve been the king of patience. Not a fucking thing. Guess I reaped what I sew because I didn't like when everybody was piling on the rabbit 3 years ago and took Waldo to task. But you all were right!!! Joe iMartin is a FRAUDULENT BUTTFUCKER and my attorney will be contacting him soon as well as SOLVE IT 7 NEWS. If he had any sense of decency he would finish my fucking am and send it to me for the money I`ve already paid him but I doubt that`s ever going to happen. FUCK HIM. He`s a FUCKING RIP-OFF ARTIIST and a FRAUDELENT BUTT-FUCKER and still owes me 800 Bucks. Remember his name!!!! JOE MARTIN JOE MARTIN JOE MARTIN JOE MARTIN JOE MARTIN JOE MARTIN JOE MARTIN JOE MARTIN JOE MARTIN> SHAKEDOWN AMPS> SHAKEDOWN AMPS SHAKEDOWN AMPS SHAKEDOWN AMPS SHAKEDOWN AMPS SHAKEDOWN AMPS SHAKEDOWN AMPS SHAKEDOWN AMPS SHAKEDOWN AMPS. Don`t ever do0 business with this ASSHOLE!!!!!!!
 #159108  by Gr8fulCadi
 Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:17 pm
I feel ya and I’m sorry to hear. I also gave him my amp in May 2014. I’ve bought a ton of stuff based from this site, SSP, SMS, Wald tpc and Maestro’ized twin which he still has, AO the wheel, and the list goes on. Unfortunately Joe was my only headache purchase and it stunk straight up.
I ultimately got my amp back with a few things I needed to tweak when it arrived, disappointed about that but an easy soldering fix. I just got the amp back July 2017 but I refuse to give it a review or hype it up because of what I went through and what others are going through.... I chose not to bash him over the web either but that’s just my choice. I didn’t want the backlash to potentially hinder me getting my amp back. While I did wait a TON of months to get it back, he actually paid the return shipping without me even asking? That was not what I was expecting but it worked for me. It sucks what your going thru, I’ve been there and done it, not fun and VERY Frustrating!! I wish you good luck in getting your amp back.