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 #150984  by lovetoboogie
 Fri Feb 19, 2016 1:07 pm
tigerstrat wrote:
lovetoboogie wrote:
tigerstrat wrote:I think the stack 'o' Twin heads at Nashville, Dec. 78 may be part of Phil's "B" rig, for use with the Starfire, with the F2B's in the "A" rig, specific to Mission Control. Perhaps he was switching basses for specific songs for awhile and didn't want to alter settings each time?
I believe you are correct...I see Keith's rig is on the other side of the stage. It looks as if both of Phil's cables(for mission control and big brown) are going into both sides of one of the F2-B's. There is one cable into one of the Twin heads that kind of trails off in the other direction...

Nonetheless, there are 3 Twin heads chopped into a Garcia like cab. First time I have seen that on stage in the many photos we look at. Cool, right?
I might be wrong but looks like the basses' output cables both go into two sides of the silver (switching?) 2-space rack unit: yellow from Mission on the left and black from Big Brown on the right.
Yes, I see that as well, and then the 2 short jumpers to the F2-B...What do you make of the single cable going into the Twin Reverb head?