MIDI : Roland Pickup or Saddles?

MIDI : Roland Pickup or Saddles?

Postby happyjay » Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:53 am

Rusch is finishing a spec for me of a hybrid that incorporates some visual features of Wolf and Bolt into what is primarily a Tiger design (with some new things as well). Visually I think it's going to be a knockout. When construction begins I'll try to get him to share pics with us.

One thing I wanted to ask. I'm putting GK compatibility onboard and would like opinions from you guys on Roland magnetic pickup versus saddles with piezo. I have a Godin LGX-SA I've used for years - it's one of those first runs with the Baggs system before RMC came along - and it's pretty good. My homies over at vGuitar forum have made it clear that, in their opinion, all things being equal, a GK pickup can't be beat. But I used to have one before I got my Godin, and I'm not sure I agree. But I do recognize all the drawbacks of saddle systems and an undeniable benefit of a mag pickup is it is impervious to sweat, etc. It also supposedly models better. I've just had such good success with those old Baggs saddles somehow handling my variations in picking from sweeps to controlled strums to some busy finger work, and I want to know if anybody has any input GK/mag's ability to cover all that territory reliably. Back when I had my mag pickup, my picking techniques weren't as evolved to be mindful of synth tracking, so I'm hard pressed to compare and even then it'd be from memory.

Anybody have any thoughts?
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