D120 versus E120 speaker shoot out

D120 versus E120 speaker shoot out

Postby James-T » Sat Apr 19, 2014 5:05 pm

Excuse me if someone has already tried this. I'm lucky to have both D120's and an E120 along with a sweet pair of vintage Celestion gold's. The perfect ingredients for a taste test, comp or shoot-out depending on your you-tube gear lingo. Plus for the first time in years all my gear happens to be at home. I used both a Strat and a Jerrified PRS not to exclude the traditionalists among us. :-)

I had a good idea of how things would turn out from many hours of AXE FX modelling but nothing beats the real thing.

This was also a great platform to demo the 3Leaf Protron. I can say this from the experiment, its not that picky as we are for what's the best speaker for a good Jerry tone. :shock:

Tell me your fav's and I'll tell you mine. :smile: If you can figure out which speaker I used for the backing track you'll know my answer.



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