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Postby Lunchbox16 » Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:48 pm

mgbills wrote:When I first started playing I worked this book every day. Never finished it, but that routine helped my right hand.

I still feel sloppy with the fingers & with hybrid (pick & grab) picking. Every year I spend a couple months trying to clean it up. But since I've stayed with it, I find when I'm learning a new tune I typically start with my fingers only. Not sure when that happened. If I was a great fingerstyle player it would make more sense, but really I'm a hack. I was really into fingerstyle & chord tone songs/melodies for a couple years as well.

If your new to the fingers try the Giuliani book. It'll wake those buggers up & help you get started. It's not Jerry specific but it'll sure help when you drop your pick.

I’ve been working on right hand flat picking lately (mainly a bass player who doesn’t use a pick) but I saw this post about this book and decided to pick it up because I need to work on fingerpicking too. I’ve found some of these patterns are good for developing right hand flat picking accuracy too. So kudos for the heads up.
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