Lyrics/Version on this one

Lyrics/Version on this one

Postby ebick » Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:53 am

So, a long time ago My uncle turned me on to this show which he had on a reel to reel, and the source of course was the WNEW broadcast, Thus I became very familiar with this "one-time played" song.. So, fast forward to now and I'm thinking of two situations where this song could be fun. On the performance, they sang the chorus a number of times, but only sang one verse. I wanted to see if there were more versus. When I searched, I found a consistent version of the song that was a pretty good departure from what the Dead did. I was just wondering if anyone had more information about this song and where the Dead go their verse/version.

Dead version...
I washed my hands in the muddy water
I washed my hands but they wouldn't come clean
I washed my hands in the muddy water
But I must have washed my hands in a muddy stream

I was born in old Virginia
North Carolina, I did roam
If I'd listened to what daddy told me
I would not be so rude and all alone

And here's what I find out there in the interwebs...
I was born - - in Macon, Georgia
They kept my dad - - in the Macon jail
Dad said "Son, if you keep your hands clean
You won't hear them bloodhounds on your trail"

But I fell in - - with bad companions
We robbed a man - - in Tennessee
The sheriff caught me - - way up in Nashville
They locked me up and threw away the key

I washed my hands - - in muddy water
I washed my hands - - but they didn't come clean
I tried to do - - like Daddy told me
But I must have washed my hands in a muddy stream

I asked the jailor - - "When's my time up?"
He said "Son - - we won't forget
And if you try - - to keep your hands clean
We may make a good man of you yet"

I couldn't wait - - to do my sentence
I broke out of the Nashville jail
I just crossed - - the line of Georgia
And I can hear them bloodhounds on my trail

First Show - 5/5/77
Last Show - 3/28/93
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