Fav Jack?

Re: Fav Jack?

Postby caspersvapors » Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:46 am

Man too many

Hundred Year Hall - This one just captures of the essence of the story within this song. Jerrys opening lick is haunting and really sets the TONE

Dicks Picks 29 - just powerful

5/12/77 - the Aud - I agree with the above poster about Auds in general. This one is probably the best sung Jack Straw Ive heard, those opening harmonies with the crowd going nuts give me chills. Those May 77 versions had the best harmonies ever.

1-8-78 - This is far from the best Jack Straw and its really long, but I love Jerrys play on the second solo. He starts out pretty rough and you can tell his ideas arent great. He goes into a chordal jam that sounds like hes ready to end it, but instead of ending he comes firing out the gates with a blistering solo
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Re: Fav Jack?

Postby brbadg » Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:22 pm

8-22-93 Autzen Stadium. Jerry shred a thon.Waiting for Weir's guitar to come back on during the solo break.Jerry just keeps on soloing!
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